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Hair is a crown you never take off. It is the investment to highlight the significant features of your personality. Every time you get a haircut, it helps you to reinvent yourself. Mark James Hair Studio helps you in hairdressing. It is a luxury store equipped with basic facilities. Are you looking for perfect hairdressing before going to a wedding or you are about to appear in a job interview and looking for a decent haircut?

You cannot trust anyone when it comes to your hair as hair is not something that will grow overnight. Hence, before giving someone the authority of offering you a new outlook, first, dig deep and explore. We take pride in offering chic, cool, vi=brant, trendy, aesthetic, and stylish hairdressing services. Every time you will feel the need of getting a new look. come tonus. We will take charge of providing you the best and fresh.


We are offering hairdressing and other treatments of hair plus cuts for more than two decades now. Our professional hairdresser are pro to play with your hair. They know what hair cut will exactly look good on someone. We take pride in standing out best and being the most trusted hairdressers of the town. Our team is a qualified pro in the servicing of colours, cut, blow-dry, keratin, extension or any other services. We take care of your hair and never test anything unknowingly.

We take responsibility for what we offer. Our experts are now serving for quite a long time and they know have recognition. We have served all the spheres and people trust us. We are passionate to offer hairdressing in townsville since 2002/. We are offering these facilities in Townsville.  People come to us and they always treat us with their hair.


contact the team, and after contacting the will offer you the services. Firstly, you can play a call and book your appointment. After your appointment, you will meet an expert who will examine your hair condition. Then the hairdressing will further suggest to you what is better for your hair. Your hair deserves to look volumized, glow, heavy, and thick. The shine must be there our hairdressing services will give you a whole new outlook. Do not hesitate, pick and call or visit the salon.

We never try to rob you or overcharge you. All the products that are used in this hairdressing are quality-wise proven. No harsh chemicals are used on your hair that may cause much more damage after some period. We own our hairdressing services so you can flaunt like Rapunzel. These services are here to offer you the best.

Types Of Timber To Choose From For Your House

timber weatherboard prices

Home renovations have seen numerous changes in the last decade or so. People have been trying to get creative in making a unique style for their homes. Well with all that styling some things do not change for example timber.

Yes, timber is something that has been seen in many houses and they are still a very popular choice for many new home owners.

You see when it comes to timber weatherboard prices well chances are that these timbers are not very cheap as they are organic materials so they will be a bit expensive however before you go and buy one we recommend that you need to know few types of timbers that you can choose from.


When we talk about types of timber especially in the sense of timber weatherboard prices well then you are left with two choices, you can either go with soft or hard wood.


Let us explain briefly about these two




You see softwood are generally the cheap ones that you can buy in your budget as they might not be as strong as hardwood but they do have a place when it comes to home renovations. They are basically build from trees like fir, pine and cedar.

The good thing about them is that they don’t weigh that much so handling them is also very easy plus the installation becomes much easier plus they have the tendency to grow also so they are regarded as an economical way to use.

Mostly they are used for cladding purpose so that the insulation can be better of the interior of the house.




Well as the name suggests they are rugged and tough. They are heavy and also very stable for long term use. You would mostly be seeing them either for flooring use or for deck use or on piers.


Let us look deeply in the types of timber that we have at our disposal so that when you are a vendor you can know about these types and from there you can also have an understanding on how the pricing strategy works.


  • Our first choice is the cedar. They are mostly found in colour of red or pinkish red. You will mostly see them either on handrail, wall claddings plus a good choice for frames of windows also. Most of the times as they are common you can get it for cheap.
  • The second choice that we have is eucalyptus. They are mostly found in colours of spotted gum, jarrah, or Tasmanian oak. They can get very expensive.
  • The third choice that we have is fir. They are a great alternative to cedar and also they will do mostly the same work as a cedar so getting them is also easy plus they are not that expensive.


You see these were just few things to consider when you think about timber weatherboard prices and if you are still not sure on what to get well then just visit us at

Variety Of Food Platters Which Are Available In Eateries

food platters sydney

Food is the basic necessity of life which is a must for the survival of a being. It energises a person so that he can carry out his daily activities. This is the reason that people should have healthy food to boost their body and to build their immune system even stronger. However, most of the people are of the opinion that healthy food cannot be delicious at the same time but that is not the case because healthy food can be made tasty with the addition of flavour and little creativity. We have been introduced with many different flavours which enhance not only the taste of a person but also his mood. Each country has their own flavour and taste but there are some such food items that have no boundaries. These food items might vary from pizza to bbq that are still in vogue as ever. The way food is served also attract people quite a lot which is why new way of food serving has been introduced in the form of platter. In this article, we will be discussing about the variety of food platters in sydney which are available in eateries. 

Food platter:

In earlier ages; people used to have their food in large dishes; after that the dishes get shorter and shorter and reached the size of plate. However, the trend of huge platters is back in trend again.  Platter is basically a huge dish that has multiple dishes in it served together in a single go. Different places are famous for different kinds of food platters which are served with variety of delicious food items.

Variety of food platters which are available in eateries:

We can find huge variety of food platters in eateries. These platters include breakfast platters which constitutes of food items like fried eggs, pancakes, coffee, bacons, sausages along with tea, coffee or milk. Platters of American breakfast, continental breakfast and English breakfast platters are famous across the world. Then there are cold platters in which servings of different kinds of cheese or variety of fruits are served. There is a scrumptious meat platter for meat lovers that have kabana, sausage, mild salami and comes along with breadsticks, loafs, etc. You can have the platters of mixed dry fruits and different kinds of breads as well.


Food platter is a kind of course or meal that has multiple dishes in it. A single large dish has multiple portions or smaller bowls in which variety of food items are served individually. People across the world serve different kinds of platters with a variety of food items in it. These food platters may vary from breakfast platters to meat platters and from fruits platters to cold platters. You can find some delicious food platters in “juju catering: service. They are known for serving scrumptious platters of food which are clean, healthy and tasty at the same time. You can book them for any kind of occasion